Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP)

It is legal rights related project and was supported by Diakonia Thailand Foundation aiming to empower and awareness building in Rights-based integrated holistic community development capacity development of Community Rights Networking in Northern Thailand.


The following report is a summary of ICDP project activities and its outcomes in 2012-2013.

1. Thai citizenship:  Total 591 community members were able to start accessing to the legal process by applying citizenship at district administration offices, and total 97 of them were properly granted citizenship and properly obtained the ID card.

2. Land Title Deeds:  Total 16 communities have been in development of legal process for getting Land Title Deeds.  At present, total 5 of them were ready to submit legal documents to relevant government agencies.

3. A total of 35-membernetwork on legal rights service is established and functioning through regular meetings and training workshops.

4. Child/youth and women rights: The project’s empowerment training on basic rights of child/youth and women groups in 88 communities where 2,907 representatives of those groups were trained and empowered.

5. ICDP has successfully organized an Open Concert on “Stop Human Trafficking” in March 2013 where 10,132 Lahu villagers from all over 4 northern provinces were participated.  Also it has organized a “Cross-border Training Exchange on Human Trafficking and Exploitation” of 180 Lahu youth representatives from the Lahu Lands of Upper Mekong Sub-region in Yunnan (China), Myanmar, Laos and Thailand in April 2014.